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We teach, train, coach.
We convey modern, industry-proven, scientific techniques
that embrace behavioral insights & critical thinking

Our Best-selling Workshops

Better decisions:
Practical tools for managerial decision-making & problem-solving
for successful outcomes in your modern business


Behavioral design:
For higher customer  conversion, engagement & satisfaction
For boosting employee motivation & productivity
For reaching personal goals

Coaching & Corporate Trainings
Certified by HRDA.
Sponsorships available.


Design and delivery of high-impact, practical, customized workshops that address participants'

specific decision-making needs and behavioral challenges. 


As a participant, what do you get out of these?

  • Recognize the limitations of human cognition and how biases impact decisions and behaviors, yours and others.

  • Level up your decision-making and problem-solving toolbox with behavioral insights.

  • Practice using state-of-the-art decision tools, infused with behavioral science.

  • Design and adjust entire processes to overcome behavioral challenges.

  • Discuss authentic case studies from around the world and share experiences.

  • Discover how behavioral insights have helped others, and how they can help you.

  • Return to work equipped with actionable tools for making better decisions and solving problems.

We bring the behavioral science method to your toolbox.
We help you find pragmatic solutions to sticky challenges.

Think behavioral science could help your business? ​We'd love to talk to you about any behavioral challenges you might be facing.

Issues with productivity?

Inefficient meetings?

Managing change?

Want to promote healthier behaviors?

Concerned with energy efficiency?

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion?

Low product engagement?

Not sure about pricing?

Customers are switching away?

Asked your users what they wanted, went ahead and implemented it but things haven't improved?

Need to brush up on your decision-making process & tools?

Want to build permanent behavioral capabilities into your work & across the organization? 

Interested in leveraging behavioral design?

As of January 2023, meta-decisions is formally providing fractional services to a broader audience after working with select organizations in the past two years.


Fractional services are alternative formats of cooperation to the classic contract. A fractional services contract gives a company access to an experienced professional on a short-term basis for a “fraction” of the workweek (5-20h). 

In turbulent economic times, the fractional model makes sense for a lot companies, irrespective of size. Why?

  • Low risk - high reward potential. Opportunity to pilot our services to see how they can work for you.

  • Cost efficient & budget conscious. No costs associated with full-time employment. Flexibility in negotiating budget allocation over time.

  • Time efficient. No hiring process, no training, no waiting time. 

  • High expertise. Access to seasoned, experienced professionals who are ready to deliver.

  • On-demand support. Advice where and when you need it.

  • Flow & Consistency. No need for briefing separate contractors.  

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