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Helping people & organizations make better decisions
using behavioral economics & decision science

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Our mission

To address a critical knowledge gap in

modern workplaces that marks the

difference between success and failure: 

deciding how to decide

Our vision

Equip working professionals and younger generations with a behaviorally-informed toolkit for making decisions and solving problems.

how can meta-decisions help you?


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About the founder

Dr. Melina Moleskis is a decision scientist and behavioral economist: she combines management, economics and psychology to understand, with analytical rigor and empirical depth, when and why people make flawed decisions. And from there, how they can make better ones. 

She founded meta-decisions in 2022, to help bridge what she felt is an important gap in modern business (and beyond): knowing how to decide.  In her work, she applies the behavioral science method and behaviorally-informed decision-making tools to improve the process, and results, of decision-making in organizations.

Melina holds a PhD in Managerial Decision Sciences from IESE Business School, MBA from NYU Stern with a specialization in Strategy, and a BSc in Math & Economics from LSE. She draws from her decade+ experience in consulting that gave her a front row seat into workplace decision-making. She is a certified corporate trainer, visiting Professor and regular columnist at The Decision Lab, Insider and Forbes. She also co-leads the European chapter of the Global Association for Applied Behavioral Science (GAABS).

About the founder

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