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Hi and welcome, I'm Melina. 

I'm a decision + behavioral scientist.

I try to help people and organizations make better decisions.

From navigating difficult, one-off decisions

and tough problems,

to improving the small, daily choices

for better habits

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better habits. better process. better decisions.
with decision + 
behavioral science



with Melina Moleskis

We can help. 

With a double expertise + experience in managerial decision science and behavioral science, we know where and how to look for the mistakes and the actionable solutions to your problems.

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how can meta-decisions help you?


Training that stays

The impact of training tends to last... as long as the session lasts.

But we do it differently: we arm our workshops with behavioral insights and practical, science-based tools that participants get to practice. Because we want to make sure your investment pays off.


When you're ready to level up your team's decision-making, problem solving, productivity and performance, contact us for more information


Methodology that solves

Every improvement necessitates a change in behavior. From digital transformations to better offer uptake.

The behavioral science methodology is a scientific process that identifies not only the physical obstacles but also the cognitive and psychological obstacles from your starting point to your goal. When applied, it helps solve your challenges with low cost and no hassle. 

Whenever you're ready to explore ways behavioral science can help you do better, reach out to figure it out together.


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It's a by-product of my research, executive teaching and project work. It curates learnings, observations and ideas into easily digestible chunks.


Free, weekly, with practical tips & tools.

here's how we've helped others
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Ken, Accenture

"Melina's work in this area of business decision-making is top class. Careful use of evidence, concise writing, clear examples, actionable emphasis. Ideal way to quickly get a sense of how you can improve your organisation's decision power."

Ares, AON

"Selective, thought-provoking, modern, easy to read newsletter!

I am surprised by what I learn every time..."

Andreas, Deloitte

"Amazing to say the least!"

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