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better habits. better process. better decisions.
with behavioral science.

Behavioral Science At Your Service is a newsletter to help you bring behavioral science into your work.

Here's how some devoted readers have described it: 

"Amazing to say the least!"

"Selective, thought-provoking, modern, easy to read!"

"Learned a lot!"


Why subscribe to BeSAYS?

My training and consulting practice revolves around inserting behavioral science insights and practices into the way we work, decide and behave. My job requires me to deep dive into the rich body of literature and to keep track of new findings at the intersection of behavioral science, decision-making and organizational behavior.

Naturally, it also requires me to talk to people across professions, to discover their very real worries and woes. When I find a challenge that’s “popular”, I focus on it to figure out how I can help. As a workshop facilitator or consultant.

Even as a trained professional in this field (PhD, MSc, MBA), it takes months to design a workshop and sometimes weeks to customize it for a new client. The materials I read for each topic, if printed, could fill a large Samsonite.

This weekly newsletter is a by-product of all this work.

It curates these learnings, observations and ideas into easily digestible chunks.

If written well, it makes you think and perhaps get inspired.

Every edition takes less than 3 minutes to read.

It comes with links and references so you can do a deep dive yourself.

And I’m always here to listen, talk, explore together.

You're welcome to sign up here and see how it relates to you. 

Brilliant choice!

Welcome to BeSAYS!

some popular BeSAYS past editions


reality-test your assumptions

(inside view, outside view & close-ups)


Meetings {why}, better

(The 4th newsletter in our Productive Meetings series)

abilene 3.jpg

{dis}agree, better

(The hazards of lack of constructive conflict)

under pressure 2.png

Decide under pressure, better
(We are not always decision-ready duet to stress factors)

fintech 3.jpg

Fintech, better
(How behavioral science can enhance fintech, beyond UX)

repay loan.jpg

Loan repayment, better
(How behavioral science can help fintech pursue financial wellbeing)


Save on energy bills, better

(How to beat the tragedy of the commons at work)

humor 2.png

Humor, better

(Humor as a work skill is one of the most underappreciated work assets)

blow whistle.png

Blow that whistle already!

(On overcoming inaction bias, much like referees close to game end)

positive negatuve thinking 2_edited.jpg

Negative thinking, better

(The power of  negative thinking - when and how to use it)

decision ninja.png

Systematize decisions, better

(How to become a decision leader, or ninja if you prefer)

customer journey 8 pics.png

Design for users, better
(Customer journey design with the the brain in mind)

org change.png

Manage change, better

(The role of habits in organizational change programs)

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