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better habits. better process. better decisions.
with decision + behavioral science.

"Amazing to say the least!"

"Selective, thought-provoking, modern, easy to read!"

"Learned a lot!"


That's how some devoted readers describe it.

Behavioral Science At Your Service is a newsletter to help you bring decision + behavioral science into your work and life.




Why subscribe?

My teaching and consulting practice revolves around inserting behavioral insights and science-based practices into the way we decide, and by extension work and behave.


Constantly, my job requires me to deep dive into the rich body of literature and to keep track of new findings from decision science, behavioral science, organizational behavior and many other related fields.

Naturally, it also requires me to talk to decision experts across fields to exchange insights and expand my own knowledge and perceptions. 

Crucially, I also reach out to people across professions, to discover their very real worries and woes. And this allows me to begin to bridge the gap between practitioner problems and science-based solutions.

My job is to help in roles such as workshop designer and facilitator, consultant, researcher, executive education lecturer.

This weekly newsletter is a by-product of all this work that, if printed, could fill multiple large Samsonites.

It curates these learnings, observations and ideas into easily digestible chunks.

Hopefully, it makes you think and get inspired.

Each edition takes about 3 minutes to read + 2 minutes to apply the tool to your own decisions.

It comes with links and references so you can do a deep dive yourself.

And I’m always here to listen, talk, explore together.

You're welcome to sign up here and see how it can serve you. 

Brilliant choice!


Brilliant choice!


you can check out popular past editions here

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