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fewer mistakes. less time lost. better decisions.
with behavioral economics & managerial decision science.

The Behavioral Science At Your Service newsletter is a behavioral science facilitation tool.

It delivers actionable tips through stories & authentic management case studies. 

To boost your decision-making and productivity.

For busy people who want to level up.

We say it's fun, relatable, practical.

Our readers say it's: 

"Amazing to say the least!"

"Selective, thought-provoking, modern, easy to read!"

"Learned a lot!"

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some of our past editions


reality-test your assumptions

(inside view, outside view & close-ups)


Meetings {why}, better

(The 4th newsletter in our Productive Meetings series)

abilene 3.jpg

{dis}agree, better

(The hazards of lack of constructive conflict)

under pressure 2.png

Decide under pressure, better
(We are not always decision-ready duet to stress factors)

fintech 3.jpg

Fintech, better
(How behavioral science can enhance fintech, beyond UX)

repay loan.jpg

Loan repayment, better
(How behavioral science can help fintech pursue financial wellbeing)


Save on energy bills, better

(How to beat the tragedy of the commons at work)

humor 2.png

Humor, better

(Humor as a work skill is one of the most underappreciated work assets)

blow whistle.png

Blow that whistle already!

(On overcoming inaction bias, much like referees close to game end)

positive negatuve thinking 2_edited.jpg

Negative thinking, better

(The power of  negative thinking - when and how to use it)

decision ninja.png

Systematize decisions, better

(How to become a decision leader, or ninja if you prefer)

customer journey 8 pics.png

Design for users, better
(Customer journey design with the the brain in mind)

org change.png

Manage change, better

(The role of habits in organizational change programs)

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