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Bringing users back to the forefront: Sustainable engagement tips from behavioral science

Why would people download a meditation app and then immediately proceed to…not meditate? Why download a fitness app and then…not exercise? The 'Intention-Action Gap' describes the all-too-human tendency to not do what we say we'll do. For product managers and app developers, this means users aren't actually using our apps—and it contributes to user churn. This might just be human nature, but design plays an important role. Rather than building for sustainable, positive engagement with their users, PMs are often pressured to focus on short-term metrics and engagement tricks. How can we change that? 1. Set users up for success from the beginning by creating actionable mental models. 2. Measure the right things (not everything). 3. Build Trust by aligning your goals with your users' goals. Check out this piece on user-centric design to learn how behavioral science can cultivate sustainable engagement—and bring users back to the forefront.

(Source: Irrational Labs)


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