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fewer mistakes. less time lost. better decisions.
with behavioral economics & managerial decision science.

meta-decisions workshops
Developed in-house. Certified by HRDA. Sponsorships available.


As fast-paced technological advances continue to reshape the world and workplace, decision-making skills are fervently ranked among the strongest assets for success. Understanding how the brain makes decisions and what affects our behavior can be a superpower. To work better and smarter, improve productivity and performance, and reach goals faster.

meta-decisions offers engaging, science-based workshops to make the most of your workplace decisions and behaviors. Using scientific insights from behavioral economics and managerial decision science, these workshops provide a space for learning, exploration, and action.

Past clients include corporate entities such as Epson, academic institutions such as George Washington University and non-profit organizations such as Growth Hacking Cyprus.


Because people learn best by doing, all workshops balance interactive exercises and discussions, as well as the space to figure out how to implement these strategies.

The workshops can be delivered in situ or online, depending on location.


Discovery workshop (2hrs)

This session is the perfect introduction to effective decision-making and behavioral economics principles. Depending on needs, participants will learn about the cognitive limitations in how people think, how to apply behavioral insights to level up decisions and how to create powerful habits at work to help them improve performance. Highly interactive.

Decision-making workshop (3hrs+)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to implement decision-making strategies and tools to boost their performance and enhance their own problem-solving toolkit. Highly interactive, the workshop includes activities in small teams, competitions, quizzes and group discussions. Duration is adjusted depending on specific needs and number of participants.

Specialized workshops (3hrs+)

We also offer a variety of deep dive sessions into specific organizational topics. Past topics have included the science of productive meetings, influence at work, behavioral science in public policy and more. Highly interactive, with group discussions, simulations and other activities. Duration is adjusted depending on specific needs and number of participants.

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