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better habits. better process. better decisions.
with decision +
 behavioral science

“The workshop was very SUCCESSFUL! Weeks after people still come to tell me how much they gained from it.

Managing Director, B2B Tech

meta-decisions workshops
Developed in-house. Certified by HRDA. (Full) sponsorships available.


As fast-paced technological progress is reshaping how we live and work, solid decision-making and problem-solving skills are ranked among the most valuable assets for success.

But to acquire such skills, we need to better understand our own cognitive process (and that of others). 

What affects our thinking - biases, heuristics, mental models, social norms - and how we can temper these to our advantage.


Once we understand how the brain makes decisions and what affects behaviors, we will have gained a superpower.

To work better and smarter, improve our productivity and performance, and reach goals faster.

Decision-making is a fundamental human skill.

A mega-skill.

A comparative advantage. 

To enhance it, meta-decisions designs and delivers engaging, science-based workshops. Drawing from a pool of established insights from behavioral science, managerial decision-making and organizational behavior, these workshops provide a space for learning, exploration, and hands-on action by doing and redoing.

Our expanding range of workshops tackles some of the most common and problematic workspace issues, in the form of micro-skills. Indicatively,

  • Faulty thinking: The most common mistakes we all make at work

  • Getting the decision process right

  • State-of-the art problem solving with behavioral science

  • Low cost improvements to your customer journey

  • Science-infused tools for better managing project risk

  • The science of meetings: keys to good decisions & productivity 

  • Influence: winning arguments, winning clients

We offer some of these through Deloitte Academy and our select collaborators. CPD and sponsorships available.


Sounds interesting? Get in touch to learn more. 

On top of our usual micro-skill workshops,
we offer a series of virtual seminars
in collaboration with
Deloitte Academy

Reach out for more information 

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